Command Prompt Help, Tricks & Codes

In Windows Command Prompt is one of the most powerful, commanding tools though it is the mainly disregarded one. Through command based tools was boring feeling in people. Then this ultimate guide can help you understand the command prompt and why it’s important.

I will try to give to you a better understanding of the windows command prompt. This article gives you some excellent tricks, coverts & hacks that will make you realize that how important is it. It is not useless & it can give you more respect.

If you want to watch an ASCII version of a Movie easily, then command prompt is an excellent window. At first you open command prompt & search a code. Then the movie will start playing & you can watch that.

Make Folders That You Cannot Delete

If you are exhausted of deleting important folders accidentally. Then you need to learn how to make undeletable folders. Here you can know that. You can also give a Funny motive of Shutdown Your Computer.

About your Internet Connection

You can know easily your IP address by command prompt. In the command prompt just you type ipconfig & then press Enter. By the side of with your DNS servers & IP address, the command prompt will also return a load of information be fond of your host name, DHCP are enabled, your network adapter’s report, your physical (MAC) address etc.

Know if Your WiFi Connection stolen by Your Neighbors

When somebody is connected to your Local Area Connection & using it, you can know this by command Prompt. At first you open your browser & then visit or to depend on your router. Then find the tab “Attached Devices” or something similar. To use the previous trick of your computer using after finding the computer name, IP address and MAC Address. It means sometimes Physical Address, or Hardware Address. In next by your router contrast it with those showed. Your neighbor feels uneasy in on your internet connection when you notice some strange devices. It is a password that best.

Know When Hacking Your Computer by someone

You can get help by command prompt when someone is hacking your computer. This window helps you to find it that somebody connects to your computer theft private data. Your computer is connected to that while just complete net stat & the command prompt will return a list of computers. TCP or UDP is a Proto column that gives the type of data transmission taking place.

Which your computer is linked to an outside computer, local address column offers the port with & to along with the port being used for the connection the Foreign Address column gives the outside computer that you are connected. You can use this trick on all previous versions of Windows like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows 10.

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