8 Useful Travel Apps

travel appsThanks to technology and the increasingly widespread use of iPhone and Android phones, traveling is getting easier and easier. No endless hours spent in researching information trying not to forget anything. No more remembering important things when is too late and not being able to check them!

The world is now full of very useful Apps, many more will come for sure, but for the moment, I gathered 8 that I have found to be pretty beneficial! Would you like to know how to track your car travel expenses? Would you rather avoid pointless discussions to divide expenditures with your fellow-travelers?

Book a hostel or hotel on the road? Read your travel guide on your phone or checking that document that you left miles away on your home computer? Well, then you should keep reading!

8 Useful Travel Apps

1. Converter Plus

First thing first, when traveling it is very important to understand prices around you when looking to purchase things. Converter + is a comfortable and easy way to sort out prices without mistaken. I think the best feature is that you can convert multiple currencies at the same time.

Converter + is not only for currencies but it also converts area, weight, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume as well as proving tips on mortgage, loan, fuel consumption calculators and you can also add your own calculations according to your specific needs.

2. Fuel Monitor

If you are planning a road trip, if you travel much by necessity or if you are just a frequent car user, Fuel Monitor can help you a great deal into figuring out how much your trip will cost. All you have to do is to provide your car information (model, year etc.), currency in use, current price and unit measures (km, miles or gallons or liters); then press START! To be activated when you are in your car, this app will let you know how much your trip, being long or short distance, will cost you. I think this can also be a useful way to decide whether it will be more convenient for you to take a bus or train instead of the car.

Fuel Monitor is also a great way to let your fellow travelers know how to split the costs or get reimbursement, once for all with no further discussion! This app will let you know all the information you need: from average consumption, distance, price and duration of your trip. Another plus, is the parking function, for which if you cannot remember where you parked, you can find the way back to your car.

3. WeHostels

With WeHostel, it´s possible to book your night stay while traveling around. The choice is among more than 25 thousands hostels in over 7 hundred cities around the world.
It is an app particularly dedicated to backpackers and people traveling on a budget. Thanks to its social platform, you can book bed&breakfast or budget hostels, and start making friends by chatting with travelers who will be staying at your same place.

4. Hotels.com

Complementary to the app described above, this one focus instead on Hotels and it is therefore more suitable for those of you who like to treat themselves or have a slightly larger budget to dedicate to your accommodation. This app can help you choose hotels for your next trip or it can identify those close to your current location. You can access information about your bookings also in the absence of an internet connection.
Users can view deals and accommodation among 150 thousand hotels situated around 2 hundred countries. Booking is possible either if you are registered at Hotels.com or also if you rather not register, but if you are, you can access the rewards booking: buy 10 nights and get 1 for free!

5. Log Me In

With LogMeIn you can access your computer through your iPhone! Have you ever been traveling or just being away from your home computer and needed exactly that document that lies on your computer desktop at home?! Now with this app you can easily access your pc from your phone, from wherever you are.

LogMeIn can also be used from one computer to another. Once you open your files, you can work on them, edit them and save them as well as use remote printing, photo transfer and much more. The basic version is free, then you can upgrade in order to access premium features.

I think this app is fabulous when travelling and needing travel documents that you might have left home. If you often travel by train or car and cannot remember to bring everything you might need or if you need to work while away and do not have all the necessary material, this could be a good solution.

6. Trip Splitter

Have you ever travelled with a few people, shared expenses, and having a very hard time tracking down who is spending what and who owes who? If your answer is yes, then Trip Splitter is the app for you. Trip Splitter helps you record the different people you are traveling with, and it divides expenses according to who has paid for a certain thing, as well as dividing expenses according to different categories: food, fuel, accommodations, nights out and much more.

You can attach pictures of receipts and register data according to the Geo-location of all the spending on a map, as well as converting currencies according to which country you are traveling in or if you are spanning from one country to another.

7. Yelp

Yelp helps you look for restaurants and food suggestions nearby you or wherever else you wish. It is a very useful app when traveling around not knowing the local cafés and bars. You can search for different types of food, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, bakeries. Moreover, you can look at people´s ratings, for what dishes a specific restaurant is most famous for and even view the most popular menus´ items.

Search can be filtered by distances and prices and restaurants can be booked directly from the app.
Some of my friends use Yelp just to view at the menu after you have booked a restaurant, so that they can already decide what you would like to eat 

8. Tripomatic

Tripomatic, awarded as one of the 2018 Best Travel Apps by TheNextWeb.com, is very intuitive in use. All you have to do is enter your vacation destination and the duration of your stay, the app will tell you all the main attractions, things to do and see in the city you are in. Tripomatic is all about visual: the attractions are pin pointed on a map, so for you to see where they are located and how far are they from each other.

For ease, maps can be saved as PDF, printed or shared with your friends though twitter or Facebook, so you do not need an internet connection to view all the sites you would like to visit!

Tripomatic has stored over 30 thousands attractions and it also helps find sights close to you, including distances and directions. Fees might apply when purchasing city guides.

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